Studio Late Nights

Studio Late Nights
  • Total Hours: 4 (1 x 4-hour session)

Every first Tuesday, we're opening up Studio A for an after hours production!

Calling all studio-certified producers! Do you have an idea for a late night show? Introducing Studio Late Nights, every first Tuesday. Once a month we are offering studio producers the opportunity to film after hours. This studio time slot is perfect for shows with adult audiences (that's anything that needs to air during safe harbor hours), bands, or crews with late night scheduling needs.

Studio Late Nights take place every first Tuesday from 8pm to 12am in Studio A. Applications for this time slot are open on a rolling basis. They are reviewed the first two weeks of the month for the next month, subject to staff availability. Applicants will be notified if they are accepted or declined by the third Friday before the scheduled Studio Late Night.

Apply here, or at the link below!

For more information or if you need help filling out the application, contact vo [at]


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