Equipment Library

Open Signal breaks down barriers to media production. Our public equipment library gives you the tools to get started with TV production, filmmaking, analog and other media.

**NOTICE: Our equipment library is currently closed to the public in response to COVID-19. Read more.**

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Shoot films, documentaries, video content and more, using our HD and cinema-quality digital cameras.

Canon C100 MKii Camera Quantity: 6

The Canon C100 offers true cinema quality in a compact package.

Canon C100
JVC 600 Camera Quantity: 7

This handheld, easy-to-use professional HD camera is excellent for covering events or creating documentaries.

Jvc 600

Field Lighting

Every filmmaker knows that good lighting is key to getting a great shot. That's why Open Signal offers an array of field lighting options.

Velvet Light LED Softboxes Quantity: 9

These softboxes are so-called because they output dramatically more diffuse and soft light quality than most LEDs. 

Airbox 450123 Macro Velvet Kit For 1087514
Flolight Microbeam 1024 Portable LED Lights Quantity: 6

If you're shooting outside (or trying to make it look like you are), these lights offer both very high light output and a high CRI, making them ideal to use in daylight conditions.

Flolight Led 1024 Nd45 Microbeam 1024 Daylight Led 1128602
LED Microlights Quantity: 10

For beginners, these sturdy LED lights are portable and easy to use.

Led Microlite
C-Stands Quantity: 4

Our C-stands are perfect for positioning a number of light modifiers so you can get the lighting scheme you need.


Field Mics & Equipment

Open Signal's field equipment ensures you produce high-quality work, even when you're not using our HD Studios.

Lectrosonics L series Wireless Lav kits Quantity: 7

For high quality, direct-to-camera or ENG wireless audio, these lavalier mics are simply the best choice. 

Zoom F8 Multi-track Recorders Quantity: 5

This field recorder can record up to 10 tracks simultaneously, making it perfect for film productions or recording live concerts.

Zoom F8
Boland Field Monitor Quantity: 5

With this premium LCD monitor, see what your shot looks like under any lighting conditions.

Boland Field Monitor
Sennheiser ew 100 Wireless Lavalier Kits Quantity: 10

Get clear audio in a number of environments, with these wireless lavalier mics.

Sennheiser Lav Kits
Vinten Vision Blue5 Tripods Quantity: 23

The Vinten Vision Blue5 Pan and Tilt Tripod provides you with a number of smooth, easy tilting and panning options.

Vinten Vision Tripod
Portable green screen Quantity: 1

Get amazing chromakey shots even when you're out in the field, with this lightweight green screen. 

Portable Green Screen
Various mics, lighting kits, audio mixers, cables Quantity: 100

Our equipment room has all the cables, mics and lighting kits you need to make your field production work.

Various Cables

Advanced Field Equipment

As your filmmaking skills grow, Open Signal has got you covered, with specialty equipment for our advanced producers.

EZ FX Junior Jib With Motorized Gimbal Quantity: 1

Want to add more dynamic, professional-looking camera work to your field productions? Use this jib to achieve amazing-looking shots. (Coming soon; check back for updates.)

Me Jib Certification V1 2017 11 30
Multi-Camera Unit Quantity: 1

Our MCU includes multiple JVC 600 cameras, a production switcher and a HyperDeck studio recorder.


Software & Editing Equipment

Check out our laptops and use them to edit, create credit sequences and more.

MacBook Pro Quantity: 21

Our MacBook Pros come fully loaded with all the programs you need to do high-quality post-production on your videos.

Macbook Pro
Adobe Premiere Quantity: 42

Adobe Premiere is industry-leading editing software.

Adobe Premiere Pro Cc 01
DaVinci Resolve Quantity: 42

The preferred color grading software of Hollywood colorists, DaVinci Resolve gives you the ability to perform professional color correction and color grading on your work.

Davinci Resolve
Final Cut Pro X Quantity: 42

Final Cut Pro is a professional-grade video editing program that will speed up your post-production process.

Final Cut Logo
Adobe Creative Cloud Quantity: 42

Adobe Creative Cloud includes all of Adobe's programs, from Photoshop to Premiere, After Effects, XD and more. 

Creative Cloud Logo
LaCie Solid State Hard Drives Quantity: 18

These 500 GB solid state hard drives can be used for rendering and file transfer.

Lacie Rugged Dual

Animation Equipment

Whether you want to make stop-motion or computer animations, our equipment can accommodate your needs.

After Effects Quantity: 12

Adobe After Effects is the industry-standard tool for motion graphics, animation and video compositing. 

After Fx Logo
Dragonframe Quantity: 12

Dragonframe is top-of-the-line animation software, used for projects like Shaun the Sheep, Kubo and the Two Strings and more.

Dragonframe 03 700X467
Toon Boom Quantity: 12

Toon Boom is one of the industry's leading computer animation programs.

Toon Boom Animation
Wacom tablets Quantity: 4

Use our Wacom tablets to do precise drawing and outlining for digital art and animation.

Wacom Tablets
Animation kit Quantity: 1

Our portable animation kit includes: a Macbook Pro with Dragonframe animation software and keypad; a DSLR camera; tripod; two LED Lights with battery option and light stands; and one Zoom Recorder.

Animation suite Quantity: 1

Book our on-site animation room to get some serious work done! Equipment includes: a MacBook with Dragonframe animation software and keypad, and Toon Boom Software; a DSLR Camera; a tripod; two LED Lights with battery option and light stands; a downshooter; a light table; a Wacom Cintiq; and a scanner.

Wacom Cintiq

New Media Equipment

Our new media equipment can be used for experimental work, glitch art or installations.

Video Processor Kit Quantity: 1

Our Video Processor kit contains RCA and HDMI cables, 1 Psychenizer controller, 1 mini media player with SD card, 1 DSLR Camera with SD card, 1 mini tripod and 1 projector.

Video Synth Kit
Video Installation Kit Quantity: 1

Our Video Installation Kits include: 1 LCD projector, 1 media player, 1 RCA Cable, 1HDMI cable and a Canon 60D with tripod, so you can document your work.

Video Installation Kit

iPad Filmmaking Kits

These lightweight kits are designed to be easy to use when you are filming in action-packed or crowded situations.

iPad Filmmaking Kits Quantity: 4

Each kit includes: an iPad; two lenses, a light, two mics, and a waterproof bag for carrying it all, made by local business Black Star Bags.

iPad on Tripod