Media Education Tracks

November 16, 2017

Open Signal offers media education tracks for our Video Production, Studio Production, New Media and Animation & Visual FX classes — allowing students to progress from introductory to advanced skills throughout the course of the season.

Read on about each track:

Video Production (Ages 16+)
Our Video Production Track will kickstart your understanding of basic film and editing techniques, preparing you to jump onto a film set or take on your own projects.

If you want to start with our one-of-a-kind iPad kits, we recommend taking The Instant Filmmaker. For more in-depth training on camera techniques, start by selecting between The Power of Framing: Intro to Video Production and pair it with either Alter/Arrange: Intro to Editing with Final Cut Pro X or Cut/Censor: Intro to Editing with Adobe Premiere.

Follow this up with Intro to Cinematography, Advanced Canon C100 MKII and either Advanced Camera Production or Advanced Narrative Filmmaking for an even greater understanding of the craft.

Finally, boost your editing skills with Advanced Editing with Adobe Premiere and Creating Mood: Introduction to Color Correction.

For those who want greater production value, we also offer Hybrid Documentary: The Flip Side of Documentary Filmmaking and Field Production Jib Certificationgiving you access to more industry standard equipment.

New Media (Ages 16+)
Whether you’re an introductory or advanced filmmaker, studio producer, animator or visual FX artist, our New Media Track will help you use new and experimental methods of media creation.

Students can start off with Intro to Video Synthesis: LZX & Lumen and follow it up with Experiments in Analog Video, a workshop that allows you to distort and abstract your videos through Open Signal’s collection of analog video processors. Learn about interactive video programming with Music and Video Programming with MAX/MSP/Jitter, and end the season with Video Installation to explore how video projectors can be used to create immersive audience experiences. 

Animation & Visual FX (Ages 16+)
Train to become a well-rounded animator and visual FX artist with our Animation & Visual FX Track.

Whether you are furthering your post-production skills for video or preparing to enter the world of animation and visual FX, we recommend starting the season with Photoshop for Beginners, followed by Beginner's Motion Graphics in After Effects and Character Animation.

Within this track, you can explore stop-motion animation with our Intro to Stop Motion with Dragonframe workshop, as well as Digital Painting in After Effects, and then round the season out with After Effects: Expert Title Sequences.

Studio Production (Ages 16+)
Our studio production track is designed to prepare you for broadcast on Open Signal’s cable channels and beyond.

Start the season with Intro to HD Studio Session #1 , where you’ll become certified to volunteer on existing Open Signal productions with basic camera operation, lighting and sound recording skills.

Book your own studio time after completing Intro to HD Studio Session #2, where you’ll learn chroma keying, graphic creation and multi-camera production techniques.

This will set you up to submit a 30-minute show idea or participate as a crewmember in our citizen journalism-focused We ARE the Media: HD Studio Project.

Finally, our Advanced Multi Camera Unit and Studio On The Road: Multi Camera Unit workshops will let you take your studio skills to off-site productions.  

Check out our calendar to start registering for classes!

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