Meet Our Staff

We're teachers, media artists, social activists and dynamic nonprofit professionals. We're excited to deliver Open Signal's programs to the community.

Elisa Barrios Director of Education ebarrios [at] (503) 673-8649

¡Yo hablo español!

My gender pronouns are: she/her/hers, they/them/theirs

I work directly with our Media Education team to train and develop our curriculum and programming for Open Signal workshops and the Echo AiR youth education program. I can help folks find the class or personalized training that is right for them!

I have 10+ years of experience designing, leading and facilitating all varieties of curriculum to youth and adults. I strive to facilitate a learning environment that is creatively stimulating and inclusive for people from all walks of life. 

Bea Bedard Community Media Advocacy Director bea [at] (503) 673-8642

I work with Open Signal staff on community outreach and advocacy, data collection and analysis, and policy issues, in order to support everyone's ability to create and share content.

For 28 years, I have worked in community media and local origination television. In my spare time I follow media and internet regulatory policy to ensure we're compliant in a constantly changing environment.

Ifanyi Bell Executive Producer, Open Signal Labs ibell [at] (503) 288–1515 x751

I lead Open Signal Labs, a new content studio and social impact incubator that gathers professional creatives, Open Signal Producers and community members to tell stories of social and cultural relevance. 

I'm a passionate storyteller and artist. As a producer for various NPR and PBS stations, I helped craft Emmy-nominated stories on education, arts and science. I also served as the Director of Editorial Video Content for, a nonfiction storytelling platform based in New York City. 

RaShaunda Brooks Production Coordinator, Open Signal Labs rashaunda [at]

I joined Open Signal in September 2017 as a member of their inaugural artist training program, Future Forum. I became a Project Coordinator in May 2018 to help with the day-to-day implementation of Open Signal Labs, an incubator for emerging African American filmmakers.

I am also a filmmaker and creative who uses the medium to create modern-day narratives of Black and Brown people, as well as an organizer for Y.G.B. Portland.

Jim Bruce IT Administrator jim [at] (503) 673-8662

I am responsible for all information systems utilized by Open Signal — if it involves a computer or a network, I probably work with it in some way. 

At my previous position, I was the IT department for a small high-end video production company. Because of advances in technology with video, audio and computers, and how they converge together, this experience makes my role at Open Signal an almost-perfect fit. My main focus from my mid-20’s to my mid-30’s was DJing and promoting live music shows. 

Rebecca Burrell Director of Strategy & Development rebecca [at] (503) 673-8709

My gender pronouns are: she/her/hers

I joined the Open Signal team in 2016 to oversee strategic growth initiatives, including communications and fundraising, and I contribute to our long-range planning efforts. 

I've worked in the arts and communications fields for 15 years, the last six of which were spent at The Right Brain Initiative, a public school program of the Regional Arts & Culture Council. I currently serve on leadership councils for The Oregon Community Foundation and Americans for the Arts.

Noah Dorsey Equipment Coordinator ndorsey [at] (503) 288-1515 x621

I coordinate equipment purchases, repairs and sales for Open Signal, as well as being a a front desk Technical Specialist.

I've also taught Computer Animation and can assist with any of your animation questions.

In addition to working at Open Signal, I enjoy animation, professional cars and spending time with family.

Devin Febbroriello Creative Director devin [at]

I lead Open Signal's Creative Services department, engaging professional content creators to amplify great storytelling for our clients and partners while supporting the emergence of new voices from our local production industry.

A graduate of Emerson College with a BA in Filmmaking & Media Arts, I have over 15 years experience working in film, television and commercial production in New York City & Portland, primarily as a writer, director and producer. I've worked with big brands and independent filmmakers alike.

Dreaming up and producing moving images that express powerful storytelling to impact and motivate audiences is my greatest passion—but I am also a painter and musician finding inspiration in all forms of expression.

KatMeow Garcia Media Education Manager katmeow [at] (503) 994-8863

¡Yo hablo español!

My gender pronouns are: she/her/hers, they/them/theirs

I help create trainings and curriculums focused on technical skill-building and equitable education practices for instructors, volunteers, and partnerships. I have worked in media arts education for over a decade and can help you find the education track at Open Signal that best fits your goals.

I also currently serve on the board of directors at KBOO Community Radio, earned a BFA in Filmmaking and Social Justice at Evergreen State College and produce a music television show in the vein of Soul Train at Open Signal.

Justen Harn Executive Director justen [at] (503) 673-8704

I work with Open Signal board, staff and stakeholders to establish and advance the organization's strategic priorities. I ensure that all Open Signal programs and services are responsive, well-utilized and of the highest possible quality.

For over a decade, I have worked as a nonprofit arts administrator, educator, programmer and cultural engineer. As the Hollywood Theatre’s Director of Programs and Community Engagement from 2007 to 2016, I helped transform a historic cinema on the brink of closing into one of the most celebrated arts and culture organizations in the Northwest. 

Yousef Hatlani Marketing Manager yousef [at] (503) 536-7622

My gender pronouns are: he/him/his

I manage Open Signal's marketing department, directing our communications and helping shape our brand. I come from a for-profit background, having worked with various marketing firms since graduating from Portland State University.

I have also been involved in Portland's music scene since 2008, working as a sound tech for KPSU and a promotions assistant for the dearly departed Backspace. I have served as the photo editor & co-founder of Faces on the Radio since 2012 and am a musician and DJ.

David Koesters Distribution/Media Services Staff dkoesters [at] (503) 288-1515 x321

I provide technical assistance to producers, monitor and schedule the Open Signal channels, and ensure your shows air properly.

Ask for me when you need help uploading a show, have questions in the studio or about the equipment, or anything regarding distribution or media services. If I don't know the answer, I will do my best to connect you with someone that does.

My background includes broadcasting, the military and law. I also make cartoons; animation is my outlet and refuge.

Marina Martinez-Bateman Development Manager Marina [at] (503) 288–1515 x211

My gender pronouns are: she/her/hers, they/them/theirs

I help fund Open Signal by raising money from the people and businesses that support our mission of making media production possible for everyone. I worked with the Open Signal community to build our membership program and continue to help bring in new people and resources to help our members grow their media making practice.

I’ve been marketing and fundraising for community organizations and nonprofits since 2001. My personal mission is to invest in people and to use my resources to uplift my siblings in marginalized communities.

Vo McBurney Front Desk/Technical Support Specialist vo [at] (503) 288-1515 x101

One of the first smiling faces that you will be greeted by when coming through the front doors, I can help you with everything from reserving your gear needs to answering (and solving) your HD studio questions.

I currently teach the Final Cut Pro X Editing, HD Studio and Mac Basics courses but am proficient in most of the gear that we have in our equipment library. I enjoy competing in as many film fests as possible and sing some mean karaoke.

Jenelle Neill Director of Production Services jneill [at] (503) 288-1515 x701

My gender pronouns are: she/her/hers

I oversee the Open Signal's Production Services department, providing professional media services for organizations in the Portland Metropolitan area. I can connect you with film and broadcast professionals to help you deliver dynamic content at your event to your attendees, to internet platforms and for broadcast.

I've worked in live event production for over ten years and have produced, scripted, directed and distributed various productions. In my spare time, I use my production skills to help with community theater and stage performances.  

Taylor Neitzke Director of Programs taylor [at] (503) 673-8652

My gender pronouns are: she/her/hers

I develop education programs, artist residencies and community-based media projects in partnership with fellow non-profits and schools. I'm here to help you navigate the endless possibilities Open Signal has to bring your ideas to life, to tell your story and contribute to our vibrant and creative community.

An alumnus of PNCA, I hold a BFA with a focus in Intermedia. My art practice is deeply inspired by the electronic music scene. I design interactive, performative and experimental installations for production companies and music festivals.

Emily Roland Media Distribution Manager eroland [at] (503) 288–1515 x301

I manage Open Signal's broadcast and scheduling for cable and online distribution, curating videos and engaging with public volunteer producers about their video submissions.

Talk to me if you'd like to learn how to get your video or series on the channels, want to get broadcast schedules, report technical broadcast issues or learn about our service areas. Prior to Open Signal, I graduated from Mt. Hood Community College with two Associate’s degrees in Television Production.

Daniela Serna Administrative Coordinator daniela [at] (503) 288–1515 x931

¡Yo hablo español!

My gender pronouns are: she/her/hers, they/them/theirs

I work at the front desk as part of our Media Services department and in our Media Education department, supporting our education program. I can help with equipment reservations and questions regarding our classes, volunteering, scholarship program and artist programs.

I am also facilitator and music programmer at S1, a nonprofit artist-run center for contemporary art, where I've led workshops, organized lectures and equipment shares, and curated events with an emphasis on underrepresented and emerging artists. 

Chloe Alexandra Thompson Director of Information Systems chloe [at] (503)288-1515 x811

I manage technology, create software systems and workflow solutions for Open Signal. I am also a member of the organization's Equity Committee and work to include Equity and Digital Inclusion within my practices.

Prior to joining Open Signal I worked with teams of developers to build custom software for clients. I also worked in the Film Industry for 5 years, and with various arts Non-Profits in Portland and Vancouver, BC. I apply my skillset to building custom software for spatialized sound as a part of my art practice.

Liz Vaughan Production Coordinator liz [at] (503) 288-1515

My gender pronouns are: they/them/theirs, she/her/hers

As the Production Coordinator for Production Services, I manage crew calls, deliverables and other logistics for our clients. I work in tandem with our diverse and talented crew, the playback department and IT. 

I've been working in film and TV for six years and have experience as a director, camera operator, grip and lighting technician. I hold a BA in Studio Art, a Certificate in Video Production and work on indie films and independent projects in my free time.

Leslie Yan Director of Administration lyan [at] (503) 673-8744


I can help you with anything regarding to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, as well as accounting and Human Resources. 

In both the nonprofit and for-profit realms, I have many years of Accounting/Human Resource experience.