Net Neutrality and Open Signal

December 21, 2017

Chloe Thompson, Web Development and IT Manager

With the recent events surrounding free speech and Net Neutrality, Open Signal is more committed than ever to providing media access for all.

For more on how Open Signal relates to Net Neutrality, we spoke to our Web Development and IT Manager Chloe Thompson and IT Administrator Jim Bruce

“As a community broadcasting station, part of our value system is to empower the community to produce and distribute their stories and content.” Chloe said.

Jim added: “What we aspire to do is to teach people the fundamental aspects of how the technology works — so that they aren’t afraid of it and they can do what they want with it.”

Jim Bruce, IT Administrator

This can be as simple as registering for our upcoming Mac Basics class on January 18, or as involved as writing, producing and broadcasting your own show — whether it’s citizen journalism, art, comedy or something else.

“We have every genre on the planet,” Jim said. “The producers own the content, not us. We are simply a distribution platform.”

Chloe also explained why Open Signal’s internet will remain free and open in the event of data throttling: “The Net Neutrality bill is geared toward home internet services, and does not affect or throttle business internet in the same way.”  

This means that Open Signal's access to the internet and to wifi should remain free no matter what restrictions are placed on private services.

And there’s more: “I have been scheming about how we might host a creative coding hack-a-thon which will lend itself to knowledge sharing around code and self-hosted solutions” Chloe said with a smile.

At Open Signal, we’re always thinking of new ways to bring people in and give them the tools they need to tell their own stories in this ever-changing landscape.

Marina Martinez-Bateman Development Manager Marina [at] (503) 288–1515 x211

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I help fund Open Signal by raising money from the people and businesses that support our mission of making media production possible for everyone. I worked with the Open Signal community to build our membership program and continue to help bring in new people and resources to help our members grow their media making practice.

I’ve been marketing and fundraising for community organizations and nonprofits since 2001. My personal mission is to invest in people and to use my resources to uplift my siblings in marginalized communities.

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