PDX Free Fridge at Open Signal

March 29, 2021

Right off the corner of Graham St and Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, tucked by the door to Open Signal’s Immersive Studio, you’ll find a PDX Free Fridge. The fridge contains a selection of fresh meals and produce, canned and dry goods, hygienic supplies and more.

PDX Free Fridge is a community-based and community-informed mutual aid effort to increase access to free food and vital supplies by creating a network of independent fridges and pantries in Portland. Fridges are available 24/7 and are maintained by a team of volunteers who are committed to checking it daily for unsafe items and sanitizing them on a regular schedule.

Our fridge contains items sourced from local businesses, gardens (including the nearby Albina Cooperative Garden) and neighbors. Donations to the fridge abide by these Community Guidelines:

  • Do your best to only touch what you're going to take
  • Sanitize your hands before opening the fridge and wear a mask the whole time you interact with a fridge
  • If other people are using the fridge, please maintain 6ft of distance at all times
  • Place all perishables in the fridge and non-perishables in the pantry
  • Only donate food that isn't expired or opened
  • While volunteers come to check on the fridge frequently, please do your best to keep the surrounding area clean and organized
  • Please do not donate/leave alcohol or drugs
  • Place all uncooked meat in the freezer and keep meat and produce separated
  • When donating prepared meals/baked goods/homemade food: wear mask and gloves while preparing; use clean, sturdy containers that completely seal; and label each item with what it is, any allergens, and the date it was made
  • Please do not leave anything on the ground. If there's not room in the fridge or pantry, check out our other locations on the map
  • Contact PDX Free Fridge if you have a large donation of stuff that doesn't fit

You’ll find an interactive map of all the Portland-area free fridges and pantries here. For daily updates from volunteers on what’s new with the fridge, follow @pdxfreefridge on Instagram. And for any other questions you might have, check out the Free Fridge FAQ.

Take what you need, leave what you don't, give what you can.

Vo McBurney Educator/Facilitator vo [at] opensignalpdx.org

One of the first smiling faces that you will be greeted by when coming through the front doors, I can help you with everything from reserving your gear needs to answering (and solving) your HD studio questions.

I currently teach the Final Cut Pro X Editing, HD Studio and Mac Basics courses but am proficient in most of the gear that we have in our equipment library. I enjoy competing in as many film fests as possible and sing some mean karaoke.

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