Press Release: Houseless youth present immersive 360-degree films at OMSI June 2

May 06, 2022

Thursday, June 2,2022
Screenings at 6:15 and 7pm
3PM - 4PM PT
Tickets: Sliding scale, $0 - $72
Kendall Planetarium at OMSI
1945 SE Water Ave., Portland, OR 97214

Register here.

*All donations will be split between Outside the Frame and Open Signal to support upcoming programming

PORTLAND, ORE. – April 21, 2022 - Youth filmmakers from nonprofits Outside the Frame and Open Signal will screen stunning new media works at OMSI’s Kendall Planetarium on June 2, featuring footage captured in a full 360-degrees. The five featured works were created by young people who have marginalized identities and have experienced houselessness. The films explore Portland places that hold personal meaning for the artists. This is the first time these films will be screened in an immersive public space. 

The 360-degree films were created through a tight collaboration between Open Signal and Outside the Frame during the long pandemic winter of 2021. The two long-term partner organizations worked together to design curriculum, lead workshops and support production for the 12 young artists who participated in the program. The project builds upon Outside the Frame's focus on media education for marginalized youth, and Open Signal's past explorations with immersive media for unique storytelling. Local VR company ForeverVR provided additional editing and educational support.

Masks, the most turbulent piece, reveals what living with schizophrenia really feels like and the humble dreams of the protagonist—to have a place to live and a caring roommate. Filmmaker Colefire says: “To give more of an understanding of psychosis because a lot of the time it’s very invalidated, and I think it will help people understand what the other side of it is like.”

Hibiscus explores challenges of contemporary Black life. “Black trauma is not just the experience of racism but manifests as a constant state of vigilance and the internal dilemma of whether or not to bring more Black children into the world,” says Hibiscus filmmaker Rhone. “Our Black children are guaranteed the same racial stress and trauma that continues to be neglected and trivialized by White America.” 

In One of My Names is Bash, a Black queer woman provides a 360-degree view of her first apartment. The work portrays Bash’s emotions tied to the space, seen through her own eyes, as transcends homelessness.

"We are so proud of the media work that the youth created; and at OMSI, it will be shown in its ideal setting," said Jeff Oliver, Program Facilitator, who served as Open Signal's lead for this partnership. "VR headsets create a solitary experience for the viewer, while the planetarium will give us an opportunity to watch the films together." 

"OTF made its first films entirely with gear from Open Signal,” said Nili Yosha, Executive Director of Outside the Frame. “It's exciting to step into this new technology together to tell the stories of the youth. But it's about the message, not the medium. Our severe housing crisis has exhausted public patience, making compassionate dialogue and thoughtful policy difficult. 360-degree films provide another way of sharing perspectives of young people who have lived on the streets." 

The thirty-minute media presentation will be shared in two screenings on Thursday, June 2, 2022, at 6:15 and 7pm, with a hosted reception in the planetarium lobby. Tickets are available on a sliding scale, with all donations split between the two organizations. Filmmakers will be present at the event to share insights about their work.  

This project was funded in part through grants from Metro's Community Placemaking program and the Juan Young Trust.

About Outside the Frame

Outside the Frame trains homeless and marginalized youth to be directors of their own films and lives. Young people who are experiencing homelessness are provided a creative outlet, job training, a public platform, a sense of dignity and possibility.

About Open Signal

Open Signal is a media arts center in Portland, Oregon offering media workshops, an equipment library, artist residencies and five cable channels programmed with locally produced content. Open Signal delivers media programming with a commitment to creativity, technology and social change.

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For media inquiries and screeners contact:

Nili Yosha, Outside the Frame

Daniela Karina Serna, Open Signal
503-288-1515 x931

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