Win Prizes with the #OpenSignalCounts Raffle — Wave 1, June 18th through July 2nd

June 18, 2020

Take the 2020 Census

En Español

We are holding a raffle in partnership with We Count Oregon!

Film a 15- to 60-second video explaining why the Census is important to you and enter a raffle to win prizes from local Black-owned businesses. This first round run from June 18th through July 2nd.

Black, indigenous, people of color, children under 5, LGBTQA+, rural communities and folx living with disabilities and/or those who are houseless are encouraged to apply.

Here's the lowdown:

Film yourself explaining why the census is important to you. Your videos will air on our channels and will be highlighted on our social media. You’ll also be entered into a raffle to win gift cards from these local Black-owned businesses:

- Third Eye Bag
- Po'shines
Toyouinspire Flowers + Botanicals
- Portland Chocolate Laboratory

Check out Rebeca (our Census Liaison) sharing why the census matters to her: Census Video


  1. Share this opportunity with a friend! Call or email a friend or other content creators and pass on this opportunity! (We encourage this instead of social media tagging to protect the privacy of our community members)
  2. Call (503)288 2525 ext 765 or email Rebeca (rgonzalez [at],  to let her know you did. This is a great way to learn Census facts if you don't know what to say in your video. 
  3. Send your 15 - 60-second video to rgonzalez [at] from June 18th to July 2nd. You may share your video on social media with the hashtag #opensignalcounts and tag @wecountoregon @opensignalpdx. In order for your entry to count in the raffle, please be sure to send us your video file via email, Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Drive. 

More than one video submission does not count towards more chances to win. 

Creativity in your video is welcomed but not required! Please film your video horizontally if you are using a cell phone. 

Showing your face is what emboldens hesitant census takers so they can see themselves represented by you.

Languages other than English are encouraged! For accessibility for all, we also encourage you to subtitle your videos!

By submitting a video you consent to 

- Let us edit your video together with other submissions

- Air it in our cable and online channels 

- Share it on social media platforms for Open Signal and  @wecountoregon

- Take the census in or by phone in 12 languages 

If you have doubts on how to take the Census or how safe it is, have Rebeca call you by booking a time here:

This content is not Facebook’s property.

Rebeca Alamo Gonzalez Census Assistant Liaison rgonzalez [at] (503) 288-1515 x765

I work with Open Signal's Equity Department and We Count Oregon to educate and support our community about the 2020 Census. As an asylee from Venezuela married into an indigenous Mi’kmaq family, this is a mission I deeply care about, since my family and I fall under the Census’ definition of "hard-to-count populations." 

When I am not furthering We Count Oregon's mission, I exercise my passion for empowering underrepresented and misrepresented communities as a screenwriter and screenplay analyst for WeScreenplay, as well as judging submissions for local film festivals like the Portland International Film Festival and the Portland Film Festival.

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