Four Ways to Make Media at Open Signal

November 10, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been careful about how and when to open our public space to make sure our staff and community stay safe. This summer, we developed a thorough set of safety protocols for our production work, and had success this fall in opening up our studios on a limited basis for series producers.

For Winter 2021, we are excited to offer four opportunities for community members to create content for our channels:

Series Producers 

These producers make content on a monthly or weekly basis to broadcast on our cable channels (which stream online) in a regular time slot. Series producers who want to reserve our production studios must already be studio-certified and can access Open Signal's production studios by appointment, up to two weeks in advance. Studio access is dependent on COVID-19 safety protocols.

Four series field producers will be able to check out equipment for the duration of their series season.  Field producers do not need pre-certification and can request one-on-one technical training and support for equipment to be used off-site. 

There are currently are no live studio broadcasts. Video files can be shared to our playback email — those who require assistance may have access to upload at Open Signal by appointment. For more information on the process go here: Submitting Video Remotely.

All series producers must have up-to-date memberships with Open Signal. For the winter 2021 season, applications are due by November 18th at 9pm. Check out How to Get an Open Signal TV Series (A Guide for First-Time Producers) to learn more.

Project-based Producers 

Up to 14 production teams will be able to check out a field production kit for the duration of their project, working closely with an Open Signal staff member to determine scope and completion of the project for broadcast on our cable and web streaming channels.

Projects are available to media makers who identify with and/or create content specifically for communities of color, English language learners, disabled or low income communities, and local nonprofit organizations. Project-based producers must have up-to-date memberships with Open Signal. These productions will be selected based on an application, which is due December 9th.

Broadcast Producers

Producers who have existing video content to air on Open Signal’s cable channels can share files to our playback email. Those who require assistance may have access to upload at Open Signal by appointment. For more information on the process go here: Submitting Video Remotely.

Online Featured Media Makers

Media makers who have content that is already hosted online may submit for featuring on our digital platform. This can include films, web series, podcasts, music videos or mixes and more. 

Community members may submit content ideas through our submission form on a rolling basis. Featured content for our online network is selected based on alignment with our content goals.

Our series and broadcast producer applications are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Project-based productions are limited to members of the communities that we prioritize, as outlined in our grant agreement with the City of Portland, and our organization’s equity goals.

We are happy to be able to offer these new options to our community! Please reach out if you have any further questions.

Emily Roland Media Distribution Manager

I manage Open Signal's broadcast and scheduling for cable and online distribution, curating videos and engaging with public volunteer producers about their video submissions.

Talk to me if you'd like to learn how to get your video or series on the channels, want to get broadcast schedules, report technical broadcast issues or learn about our service areas. Prior to Open Signal, I graduated from Mt. Hood Community College with two Associate’s degrees in Television Production.

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