New Media Fellow Exhibition: Altar

by Lynn Yarne

New Media Fellow Exhibition: Altar

Artist, educator and New Media Fellow Lynn Yarne explores the history and culture of Portland's Chinatown/Japantown district through the stories of nine elders. 

Altar collects audio recordings, images and animations to tell the stories of nine elders from Portland's Chinatown/Japantown district: Bertha Saiget, Gloria Wong, Jean Matsumoto, George Nakata, Fred Wong, Carol Lee, Franklin Qwan, Gary Lee and Sharon Gattis.

Lynn Yarne explains: "My stories of Portland's Chinatown/Japantown are mostly second- or third-hand, and it is difficult to pin down chronology, objectionable happenings versus local mythology.

Exploring community memory, representation and history, photos in the altar are of people, objects or places that relate to selected audio clips, ranging from Chinese language school to a coveted watch."

Open Signal's 2018-19 New Media Fellowship program has grown thanks to the generous support of the Fred W. Fields Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation and the Jane Schiffhauer Charitable Trust.

Participating artists:

Don’t Forget Who You Are Or Where You Are From:

Loen Dozono, Thomasina Yost, Luis Liwag, Valivann Seangly, Susan Shea, Jen Shin, Horatio Law, Mito Smith, Kori Kojitsu, Patty Locke, Nam Nguyen, Roshani Thakore, Joe Tanovan, Steven Lee, Catherine Liu, Roberta Mae Wong, Hazel Valde, Simeon Jacob, Candace Kita, Mark Watanabe, Jill Tetangco, Erika Wong, Lynn Grannon, Bertha Saiget, Linda Saito, Macherie Doeffler, Reef Hutasangkas, Ellen George, Dan Kim, John Akira Harrold, Traci Kiyama, Katie Saiget and Andrew Engert

Digital Collage Power Portraits:

Zaida Mizushima, Makayla Aldrich, Emmet Warner, Sasha Cohen, Yogen Maharjan, Soraya Trimmell, Keenan Purkey, Ben Franson, Sam Simril, Mischa Brown, Natalie Merwin, Grace Chambers, Mischa Brown, Sophia Snyder, Owen Kim, Paige Taylor, Zion Ball, Natalie Becker, Hazel Cabler, Jordan Carter, Olivia Chambers, Grace Guyer, Robbie Temple, Sofia Mercado, Rhett Joehnk, Ruby Locken, Hannah Schumann, Mariella Swearingen, Gabriella Surbrook


Delilah McCarville-Kruse, Violet Wiant, Milo Stritzel

Power Shirts:

Truman Belknap, Danny Casey-Hain, Zoe Coughlin-Glaser, Hixon Dorsett, Aidan Eckhardt, Zeki Hargrave Greenwald, Alecea Harrison, Marquis Johnson, Skyler Jones, Sophia Kassapakis, Daphne Lomax, Cymone Lucas, Liam Martin, Grace Oliver, Cosmo Overhauser, Gabe Ramos, Robert Renouard, Meron Semere, Ana Shepherd, Ethan Skye, Mito Smith, Sam Taylor, Veronica Thede, Leah Venegas-Baer, Dashiel Weidman, Frank Werfel, Sam Wilmart, Jake Woolley, Zevi Alter, Hank Bardel, Brennick Beck, Zoe De Blasis, Eden Diers, Tabby Diers, Daezha Fisher, Rylee Gardner Dunkin, Brook Hamilton, Piper Haswell, Ian Hollender, Una Juniper, John Matthewson, Siobhan McQuillen, Lexi Miller, Ashley Neukamm, Cormac O’Hagan, Aidan O’Kelly, Lily Parker, Emily Reeve, Dominic Robinson, Muna Sadiz, Rylan Tate, Emma Wagner, Christian Crutch


Luna Hearst, Lili Pugh, Finn Haefker

A note from the artist:
"Special thanks to:

Open Signal and all the creative and giving people who operate it, The Oregon Community Foundation and The Jane Schiffhauer Charitable Trust, for the artist fellowship, classes, and equipment use.

Bertha Saiget, Gloria Wong, Jean Matsumoto, George Nakata, Fred Lee, Carol Lee, Franklin Wong, Gary Lee and Sharon Gattis for the beautiful stories.

Portland Chinatown Museum, Densho Digital Archive, and Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center for the photos and resources.

Chisao Hata, Horatio Law, Ellen George, Valerie Otani, Roberta Wong, Jackie Peterson-Loomis, Lynn Fuchigami Longfellow, Lynn Grannon, Carol Saiget, Bertha Saiget, Mark Saiget and Luis Liwag for your mentorship, ideas and support.

My family for their love and all they have taught me, the inspiration for this project."


Wednesday, Jan 16 2:00pm – Friday, Mar 1 10:00pm


Open Signal, Portland Community Media Center

2766 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97212
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Featured Media-Maker

Lynn Yarne Summer 2018 New Media Fellow

Lynn Yarne is an artist and educator raised in Portland. She works within animation and collage to address generational narratives & histories. She is curious about community, participatory works, magic, and rejuvenation. She currently makes art projects for and about the public education system. Lynne holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MA in Teaching from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


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